Adept Lamb Weasand Cartridge Clips - Blue (Pack of 4000)

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Product Description
Lamb Weasand Cartridge Clips work in conjunction with the Adept Lamb Cartridge Clip Dispenser and are designed to quickly deliver a single contamination free clip using a foot-operated pedal. The clips are identical to the Adept loose lamb clip but stacked together for quick and convenient dispenser loading.

Cartridges of 25 clips allow the dispenser to be filled in seconds

Reduces clip wastage - reduces costs

Clips do not require any type of pre-use washing - each one protected from becoming contaminated in any way

Issue numbers easily controlled and audited

Full-size dispensers hold 1000 clips half units are available where height is an issue or fewer clips are required

Faster for the operator a clip is ejected into the hand (no tangling with other clips)

Flexible dispenser can be either permanently placed or operated as a free-standing unit

Can be manually operated or timed into the chain/line to eject a clip onto a catch tray at a given time or location

Adept Lamb Clip Dispensers proven on the quickest kill lines in the world
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