Cozzini "Twins" Knife Sharpening System

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Product Description
The highly efficient Cozzini PRIMEdge Twins Sharpening System utilizes separate hollow grinding and honing/edging units to produce razor-sharp edges that will maximize yields, productivity and positively improve operator welfare for all food processors. The 4" (102 mm) diameter stones on the hollow grinder unit thin both sides of the blade simultaneously. The operator checks the blade thickness with a built-in gauge to determine if it has been sufficiently thinned for edging. After thinning, the honing/edging stones apply a bevelled edge on both sides of the blade simultaneously. The blade bevel angle can be adjusted as needed. The integrated stone dressing system maintains stone roundness for perfect, consistently sharp edges. A recirculating liquid coolant system provides burn-free and dust-free operation. Hollow Grind symmetrical thin blades on the HG4S - Hone to finish the edge on the HE4. The Cozzini PRIMEdge Twins Centralized Knife Sharpening system offers all users:

- Razor-sharp edges for all knife users - maximises Yield, productivity and aids operator welfare.
- Eliminates individual knife sharpening downtime by providing sharp edges centrally - reducing cost and enhancing profit.
- Improves safety as individuals need no longer struggle to sharpen knives on sharpening stones.
- A hollow-ground knife ensures the full life of the knife is utilised, reducing spend on knife consumables.
- Claims for industrial injuries will be reduced as all operatives have the opportunity to use razor-sharp edges, improving operator welfare.
- Having a centralised knife sharpening regime will give your business logistical control and accountability with knives, which many food auditing bodies are now demanding.
- Diamond Wheel Dressers to guarantee perfect grinding and honing wheel accuracy.
- Medium throughput solution for up to 450 Knives per day.
- The variable edge-angle feature allows you to set the cutting edge angle to your specification
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