Adept Soluble 2-Flange Plugs (Pack of 1000)

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Water Soluble Two Flange Plug is the new standard in lamb, sheep and pig faecal contamination control. This plug is the outcome of extensive research and development, resulting in a uniquely effective patented design that delivers industry leading results. The plug is manufactured from food grade material that retains its structural integrity long enough to be effective, before completely dissolving when exposed to heat and moisture. The two flange design offers a double barrier to prevent leakage. The first flange pushes faecal matter back into the cavity. Any material that leaks past the first flange is captured in the cavity between the two flanges
Zero non-organic material in rendering by-products
Environmentally responsible
ADSOL is Adept's proprietary water-soluble technology, formulated from food grade components
Fast and easy to insert
Effective across varied stock types and conditions
No impact on any follow-on processing steps
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