Sofinor Magnetic Bar 20 Knife Lockable Cabinet with 30W UV Lamp

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Product Description

The Sofinor Magnetic Bar 20 Knife Lockable Cabinet provides secure storage for knives with the integral germicidal lamps sanitising while knives are in the cabinet.

The door handle is made of thermohardening plastic, fixed to the door using a cross headed bolt, for a better grip and an excellent hold on the door. They feature a hygienic, completely smooth, sloping top with crushed folds to maximise safety and to protect the utensils from anything sticking out.

- Made from AISI 304L stainless steel.
- Single phase 220 V - 50 Hz.
- Germicidal lamp: lifetime 8000 h.
- Timer: 120 min.
- Safety cut out when doors opened.
- Resistance to solids and water: IP24.
- Inclined top surface: helps to comply with hygiene standards.

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