Katrin System Towel Dispenser

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Product Description
The cover opens upwards for for easy refilling
- Inserting a roll into the dispenser is done by simply letting the paper drop freely, pulling it until the marked line, and closing the cover
- The fully opening cutting mechanism is easily accessible and simple to clean
- When paper is not visible, there is an easy-to-use PUSH bar for paper feeding
- Braille instructions are provided for visually impaired on the PUSH bar
- Controlled consumption, minimum resistance to draw and high capacity: 420 - 800 sheets per roll depending on quality
- The lock can be used with or without a key
- The whole roll is always used. Almost fully used rolls automatically drop into the stub roll position when the roll has a diameter of approximately 7.5 cm
-The empty cores can simply be pulled out side wards from the back of the dispenser and recycled
- Main raw materials of major plastic parts and lock: ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PC (polycarbonate), POM (polyoxymethylene)
- Paper consumption is easy to control, thanks to the transparent side panels
- Katrin Inclusive Dispensers are quality checked by Bureau Veritas for performance, durability, Hazardous substances, Workmanship, Controlled production
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