Deb OxyBAC Cartridge for Manual Dispenser

42VK-Deb OxyBAC Cartridge
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Product Description
An individual's hand can carry anywhere from 10 thousand to 10 million bacteria and germs can stay alive on hands for up to 3 hours. Deb has been designed to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and many viruses.
is a rich cream foam antibacterial hand wash that provides unique benefits compared with other antibacterial hand wash products used in food industry environments. It passes EN1499 in 30 seconds and is ideal for general use hand washing in food and catering environments, or any other workplace, social care or public facility where a high level of hand hygiene is required.
Key Features and Benefits:
- Excellent physical cleaning properties to remove both visible food contamination and invisible microorganisms
Non-toxic and non-irritating to skin; does not induce microbial resistance
Unlike all other antimicrobial actives, hydrogen peroxide (H202) does not leave any toxic residual environmental contamination
The perfume-free and dye-free formula has been independently tested to prove non-tainting to food
Using the EN1276 in vitro test methodology, Oxy has been shown to kill 99.999% of many common bacteria including E.Coli and MRSA
Comes in cartridge form for use with Deb Manual Dispensers.
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