Adept Beef Weasand Clip Dispenser (500 Capacity)

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Product Description
The Adept Beef Cartridge Clip Dispenser reduces clip wastage (in the form of dropped clips and lost clips during clean up and shift change over) and has a capacity of 500. The dispenser is mounted on stainless steel pins (supplied) then slid on and off as needed for cleaning and post process storage. This clever design delivers an uncomplicated and robust dispenser that survives in the toughest of conditions.

-This combination eliminates the risk of cross contamination between clips (from accidental splash or operator hands contacting multiple clips) Issue numbers are easily controlled and audited

Location is plant specific but due to design excellence, they require minimal space

Access for operators is greatly improved and clips are in the same position and orientation every time (we can prove this speeds up application). Dispensers simply rotate when the current line is empty and the next line of clips drops into place

Dispensers provide compliance and control in a challenging environment - this is even more important when government inspections, QA, customers and overseas visitors are on plant
Dispensers are available assembled to any size capacity their modular design allows for components to be easily replaced if necessary or dispenser capacity increased or decreased as required
Adept Beef Clip Dispensers meet all current FDA/EU food contact directives
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